Bid Manager – EOD Training

You’ll be writing detailed commercial bids for a world renowned training facility for Ordnance detection, disposal and explosives handling. Their […]

Aerospace Bid Manager – Far East

You’ll have complete ownership of Central Government clients in Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand on all commercial […]

ILS Supportability Engineer

Your background in ILS, LSA or RAM will make a critical contribution to the design and through-life support of a […]

Environmental Test Engineer

Bored? Testing the same product day in, day out can be really tedious. This job offers variety and you make […]

MBSE Systems Design Engineer

Your MBSE Systems Engineering designs will create a world class escape system for pilots in the event that things have […]

Scheduling Manager

Scheduling Manager will lead the function within UKI PMO, on joining you will be building a team of competent Schedulers […]

Isotope Installation Engineer

Based from home in either the Swindon or Bradford area, you’ll be travelling internationally by business class to install radioactive […]